Northern Michigan Veterans Reflect on September 11th

September 11th is a day many veterans pause and look back on the attacks and their time serving in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There’s a stillness about today for veterans like Kevin McDevitt as they look back on September 11th. McDevitt was serving in the Michigan Army National Guard when the attacks happened.

“It meant for me just how important it was to enlist and everything, my values, just how important it was that I had enlisted and my values to the country,” said McDevitt.

McDevitt was deployed to Afghanistan from 2013 to 2014, the memory of this day 17 years ago, never far from him.

“Even in a war zone, you seem to reflect back and think back to where you were and what you were doing at that time, so even as conflict was arising, you still don’t forget the things that were significant for that day,” said McDevitt.

The scars of 9-11 also stayed with Joseph Pawlowski, who enlisted in the Marines in 2003 and was injured in Iraq in 2006.

“You’d hear stories, and meet people who knew someone, or you’d just know that especially that time frame that the guys that joined it was because of 9-11 is really what sparked the fire under them to serve their country,” said Pawlowski.

But it’s the unity still seen on this day across the country that stays with Joseph the most.

“That day in particular was one of the main time frames in my life that I remember where the country really came together, like everybody, it didn’t matter what political side you were or religious side, everybody came together as Americans and we all supported the country,” said Pawlowski.