Northern Michigan Company Prepares to Help with Hurricane Relief

A local company is ready to help hurricane recovery efforts.

FEMA buys wood chipping and other equipment from Morbark in Isabella County.

“Something in this nature we plan actually several months in advance,” says Michael Stanton, Director of Industrial Products.

Morbark has been preparing to lend a hand for much longer than Florence has been a hurricane.

Their equipment is used for grinding and chipping up large trees and debris.

“On a hurricane of this potential size there could be well over 200 hand fed chippers and close to a dozen high speed grinders,” says Stanton. “These machines range anywhere from $35,000 to well over $1,000,000.”

In many cases the large pieces of equipment that they build take several weeks to build so they must plan accordingly.

Knowing hurricane season is June through November, Morbark plans many months in advance to have equipment available for contractors hired by FEMA.

“We are lead manufacturers of waste reduction equipment which ranges from a 100 horse tow behind chippers all the way to 1,200 horsepower high speed grinders,” says Stanton.

Their chippers are lined up and ready to head to Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina to help with relief efforts after the hurricane hits.

“Our equipment is used to clean up the debris, minimize the overall impact it has and speed up the process so they can get back to their normal life,” says Stanton.