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Russell Family Stepping Toward Their Goal In Million Mile Challenge

At just four years old, Alexandra Scott set up her first front lawn lemonade stand.

It was a fundraiser for kids like her who were also battling cancer.

She raised more than $2,000 and raised $1 million in total before she died a few years later.

It has turned into Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and they have another fundraiser happeningin September.

“Our family’s goal is 100 miles,” said Kristy Russell, Harpers Mom.

The Russell family is close to reaching their goal.

“We have 72,” said Mariah Russell, Harper’s sister.

Getting their steps in for the Million Mile Challenge.

“You pretty much just go out and be active,” said Mariah. “You can walk, run, ride, you can even get miles by swimming.”

It’s a nationwide effort by Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, to collectively complete one million miles during the month of September, for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

“It’s really special, we can connect because we have a child who had cancer and the family go through it so it’s just really important to raise awareness for childhood cancer,” said Kristy.

Harper Russell was diagnosed with leukemia at 18 months old.

“They diagnosed her, they had to stay in the hospital for a month, went home for a few days, went back and did that for six months,” said Kristy. “It was hard a lot of unknown, I think was the hardest part.”

Harper has been cancer free for six years now.

“She is just a wild typical eight year old,” said Kristy. “Very energetic, definitely an inspiration I would say is the big one for me.”

The inspiration for the Russell family to take on the Million Mile Challenge.

“You raise money to also go with it because the money goes toward the research,” said Mariah.

Research is part of the reason for Harper’s success in beating cancer.

“Children with down syndrome have different treatments than children without,” said Kristy. “That was through research and clinical trials we were able to find that out.”

Now that harper is happy and healthy, these are steps they’re taking together to step toward new treatments and cures for all children battling cancer.

“I am thankful for giving back it’s just the support I am helping to give out,” said Mariah.


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