Murdered Antrim County Man’s Family Speaks Out in Court, Convicted Man Sentenced

“My heart longs for the harshest possible sentence as I believe Robert has had multiple chances of turning his life around and has only used them to bring about death and destruction to those around him,” said Dustin Sutherland, Daniel Sutherland’s son.

New details in the murder of an Antrim County man.

His convicted killer sent to prison for at least 45 years.

Robert Gerring learned his fate in the courtroom on Monday for shooting and killing Daniel Sutherland back in March.

Gerring went to Sutherland’s home in Chestonia Township, shot him twice, stole a snowmobile, then shot a 15-year-old boy.

He took a plea deal last month, dropping several charges except two.

On Monday, he was sentenced to at least 45 years for second degree murder and at least 20 years for attempted murder, served concurrently.

In court, his attorney said that he had 11 felonies over a two year period and has struggled with substance abuse since he was 17.

“In the beginning Mr. Gerring was simply a thief, his first four felonies were simply for stealing and then he was placed on probation or parole when he tried to strangle his girlfriend, that’s what he was on parole for right now at some point he became violent,” said prosecuting attorney Jim Rossiter.

Saying it happens after he drinks.

Gerring admitted in the courtroom that he was drinking that day.

We were in the courtroom all day and learned that Gerring did not choose this house, or to shoot Daniel Sutherland, randomly.

They have had a relationship for years.

Robert Gerring knew Daniel Sutherland very well, the Sutherland family took him in and had legal guardianship of him when he was a teenager.

They spoke out on Monday saying he was a curse to the entire family.

“For 13 years, Robert, you have been a parasite to my parents, my sister and my niece you manipulated, took advantage, betrayed and took advantage of my parents for your own gain,” said Dustin.

Emotions filled the courtroom as Daniel Sutherland’s family read their statements to a man they tried to help felony after felony.

“You were such a big part of our family, we loved you and you know that our house was your home,” said Daniel’s wife Debra Sutherland. We welcomed you back every time you needed a home to stay at.”

“What happened did happen and I’m very sorry for it but at the same time I betrayed a family that loved me and shot an innocent kid that was doing a good deed,” said Gerring.

Fifteen-year-old Marshall Meyer was also shot that day, he was just walking the Sutherlands’ dog.

His mother spoke in court.

“That afternoon, not only did Robert murder my neighbor Dan but he tried to kill my son,” said Aaron Sue Meyer. “His intent was to kill my kid, he tried to kill my kid.”

The Sutherland family still left wondering who they let into their lives for all these years.

“Despite all the stabbing pain and the turmoil you have caused, I’m going to offer you forgiveness,” said Daniel’s daughter Daphne Sutherland.  “Robert, I forgive you, you don’t deserve it, yet here I am giving it to you.”