Loved Ones Remembered During Suicide Awareness Walk in Cadillac


“‘Daddy died today’ are three words I’ll never forget.”

Dozens of people walked Sunday in Cadillac as part of the annual Suicide Awareness Walk.

The event was held for three purposes: to raise awareness for those afraid or unaware about how to discuss suicide, to prevent more people from committing suicide and to remember those who have taken their own lives.

Walkers started at the Rotary Pavilion before heading to the Clam River Walkway and throwing purple roses into the water in memory of loved ones.

We spoke to the organizer of the walk, who says she wants people to know that it’s common to feel depressed, and there are people willing to listen and willing to help.

“There’s hundreds of people that go through this daily, and it’s okay to… come out and surround yourself with others that have went through this,” said Courtney Miller of Northern Lakes Community Mental Health.

Here are links to some local mental health resources: