“Anchored in Hope” Event Raises Awareness, Provides Resources for Individuals, Families Struggling With Addiction

Addiction is not the end.

It’s an important message and the theme of an addiction awareness event in that took place on Sunday in Traverse City.

Anchored in Hope brought people from around the community together, with the goal of inspiring hope to individuals and families dealing with the opioid epidemic.

“A lot of people suffer silently and I just want to bring awareness to what’s going on,” Organizer Connie Hamilton-Lowe, said.

As the opioid crisis grows across Northern Michigan many families are losing hope.

Four years ago Connie Hamilton-Lowe almost lost hers.

“My addiction led me down a pretty difficult past and unfortunately it turned criminal,” she, added.

In 2014, Connie a mother in her 50’s was sentenced to prison.

Her addiction to heroin caused her to hit rock bottom.

“I was given a one-percent chance to beat my addiction and I don’t ever want a family to be told that their loved one has a one-percent chance to make it,” Connie, said.

She did survive and now free, she aims to help others who are struggling.

Organizing events like this one, as way to educate the community about the scope of the problem and display what help is out there.

“I hope that people leave here feeling like they want to be a part of the solution, im hoping we can collaborate with families and teachers and law enforcement to try and beat this epidemic,” she explained.

“Today I celebrate 10 years sober from alcohol and drugs, very proud of that, I had to work very hard,” Scott Scholten, said.

Scott Scholten says many addicts feel there is no hope, but he’s proof that’s not the case.

“A lot of people who are in depths of alcoholism and drug addiction have given up hope and don’t realize you can repair the past, and look forward to a healthy future,” Scholten, explained.

A healthy future he now spends trying to save lives.

“I try and share a message of hope. You know you can recover, you can become well, and you can make amends and fix those burned bridges,” he added.

Lowe added that de-stigmatizing addiction is an important and easy step everyone can take towards helping fight the epidemic.