Glen Lake Community Schools Adopts New Security System for Active Shooter, First in the State

A Leelanau County school stepping up to keep their students, staff and community safe in the event of an active shooter.

Glen Lake Community Schools has been working on an extensive plan for security.

They are now the first school in the state to adopt a new system that automatically detects gunshots and alerts police.

“Glen Lake, after this most recent shooting in February, decided that we had had enough and we were going to take action to make sure that we’ve got the best possible chances of keeping our students and staff and community safe,” said Marcus Mead, Director of Administrative and Instructional Technology

Everyone has seen a fire alarm but Glen Lake Community Schools now has a new kind and with just one pull, first responders will be on scene and the entire school will hear this…

**ringing** lockdown, lockdown, lock the doors, stay away from the windows,

“Automatic instantaneous audio, visual alarm, set throughout the school,” said superintendent Sander Scott.

But that is just one part of the system in place.

“This is something that’s brand new that no other school in Michigan has ever used before,” said Mead.

Removing the human component of triggering a lockdown.

“Similar to smoke detection for fire, we have shot detection that’s constantly listening for a gun shot and looking for a flash,” said Sander. “It has infrared looking for the flash from a gunshot.”

Parents relieved their school is proactive.

“It can happen anywhere but just knowing that there is something out there,” said Therese Rosinski. “I think it’s wonderful that we finally have something like this to protect our staff and our kids that are so valuable to us.”

“We’re constantly surveying our students, parents and community and looking for ways that we can continuously improve our safety and security protocols, preventative measure and reactive measure,” said Scott.

This is just part of their comprehensive security plan the school has been working on.