94th Annual Harvest Festival Takes the Spotlight in Manton

Monday was the last day for the 94th Annual Harvest Festival in Manton.

The day started out with a parade in the morning followed by a day of fun events for children and adults.

Some of the events included a juggler, the lumberjack competition, amusement park rides, carnival eats and a car show.

Organizers like Harvest Festival President Mike Moffit say while it’s a fun event, it takes a lot of planning and effort to put on every year.

“I’m glad when Tuesdays come,” he says. “When Tuesdays here it’s a relief that it’s finally over. It’s a long process, from January 1 we start preparing for this event. We have different stages that we go through, but it’s nice when Tuesday here and we can finally kick back and analyze what we did right, what we did wrong, and what we’re going to do to improve and change it.”

Mike also added that the end of the event gives people more time to spend with their families before they leave Northern Michigan.