$170K Project Aims to Restore Fish Habitats in Traverse City

The Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay is getting a nearly $170,000 boost to help restore fish habitats.

The grant money comes from the Nation Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Great Lakes Initiative.

The money will help the Watershed Center restore habitats for native species along 3,000 foot stretch of Kids Creek in Traverse City.

It will also help create engineering plans to replace four road-stream crossings in the city.

Sarah U’Ren is the program director of the Watershed Center.

“One of the reasons why Kids Creek is so impaired is because of the lack of habitat for fish and aquatic insects that live in the stream. So if you don’t have a habitat for the insects, the fish won’t have anything to eat and the fish won’t be there either. So our main goal with this project is to restore habitat in Kids Creek and the fish back in there,” says U’Ren.

To learn more about the program, visit here.