UPDATE: Engineers Working on Restoring Programming for Over-the-Air Viewers

In this update, 9&10 News is working on over-the-air programming on Channel 9.

This includes 9.1 (CBS), 9.2 (FOX), and 9.3 (MeTV).

As of now, the transmitter is running at low power.

We will be increasing power with a stronger transmitter later this week.

The Channel 9 signal is also being broadcast on Channel 10.

We’ve confirmed that Channel 45 is being broadcast in Moorestown, but engineers are still working on signals for Channels 32 and 45.

9&10 News and Local 32 are back on the air for Charter and DirecTV customers, while 9&10 News is available for Dish customers.

You can watch all of our newscasts live here on www.9and10news.com by clicking the “Watch Now” button.