Traveling Education For A Traveling Family

“I explored a lot,” said Rosalee Jacobus. “My favorite part was just learning about the culture and just how diverse.

The Jacobus family spent nearly two years traveling around Ecuador.

“Each area we were in had a different way of setting up their cultural structure,” said Denell Jacobus, Roselee’s mother.

Traveling is an important family activity for them.

While they definitely dove into a new way of life and learned a lot, structured school was a challenge.

So Rosalee found artwork.

“ I kept practicing and practicing and practicing because I couldn’t go to school there,” said Rosalee. “What inspired me is that I love to make things diverse.”

Now that they’re back in the US, Rosalee enrolled in Great Lakes Cyber Academy.

“Great Lake Cyber Academy is fantastic for us because of the flexibility because of that scheduling thing, she’s not an early riser and she doesn’t have to be with this,” said Denell.

“I think the biggest benefit is the flexibility that it offers, students aren’t tied to a location or a formal structure for a time frame that’s dependent upon when the teachers are in the same physical location as their student,” said Heather Ballien, the superintendent of Great Lakes Cyber Academy.

So, the Jacobus’ have some wiggle room take to their family — and their daughter’s education –anywhere as long as there’s internet access.

“Given the fact her family has chosen to travel, which is an awesome opportunity for kids, it allows her to still have access in a regular sort of way regardless of where she’s located physically,” she said.

Even with a full schedule Rosalee is given the flexibility to grow in both structured and non-structured ways.

“The culture there is very, very, very interesting, I leaned about a lot of history of things legends were my favorite learning,” said Rosalee.




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