Iron Fish Distillery Celebrates Grand Opening of Bottling Area

Thursday was an exciting day in Thompsonville for four co-owners who cut the ribbon to their new Iron Fish Distillery Facility.

Iron Fish started as a conversation between family but following a trip abroad it’s since become a reality that continues to grow.

The Manistee County based company opened its doors just two years ago this Labor Day weekend.

Now it’s celebrating the grand opening of their new 4,500 square foot brickhouse that will house their bottling area and barrels filled with spirits—produced by almost solely Michigan-made products.

This new brickhouse allows Iron Fish to make room for a new pizza oven, right inside their current tasting room facility.

Heidi Bolger, Partner & CFO says the tasting room is one of the things that brings people down their winding road.

“Not only with the spirits, which are international and national award-winning spirits, but the way they combine with fresh ingredients,” she says. “Not only do we source grain, but we source all kinds of fruits and ingredients and combine those in a way that people every time they come here we’ve got something, some new thing they can try.”