Storm Damages Cars, RVs at Galvanek’s

Huge trees toppled over like chess pieces, tree trunks and branches on top of crushed cars, downed power lines.

Now, tens of thousands of people are without power across Northern Michigan.

At Galvanek’s Auto and RV on M-55, the wind actually picked up campers sending them flying through the parking lot and even across the road. 

At least 40 campers are damaged.

Several cars also suffered damage after a car port flew some 300 feet and part of the business’s roof went flying.

Employees started cleaning up the damage around 8 Wednesday morning.

“I was like, holy smokes! I couldn’t believe the wind, I couldn’t believe the amount of wind. It blew a transformer, a great big transformer off, and that’s laying on the ground, all the power lines are down. We’ve had storms here and they might move the trailers a little bit, but these actually moved them across the dirt with the jacks down and everything,” said owner Charles Galvanek.

Glalvenek says he has been working with his insurance agent and had just about every employee in on Wednesday.

To top things off, as soon as he’s done cleaning up the business, he has damage to clean up at his own house.