Osceola County Crews Going Home to Home to Assess Damage

Crews in Osceola County are now going home to home to see just how bad the damage is.

Some have been forced to leave their houses and head to shelters.

Homeowners in Rose Lake Township are dealing with not only a mess to clean up, but some pretty devastating damage. 

The entire neighborhood is littered with tree branches, downed trees and power lines.

That’s making it unsafe for people trying to travel these roads, and difficult for crews trying to get out and help.

If you do need to drive or walk down roads, you should be extremely careful and watch out for dangling branches or even trees that are still on the verge of breaking.

Right now, the American Red Cross is out working to help, they’ve also set up a shelter for the county.

At this time, sheltering services are being addressed on a case by case basis via the American Red Cross at 616 899-4511.  Additionally, Osceola EMS has made their shower and restroom facilities open to the public at:  Tustin EMS Station (222 S. Neilson St, Tustin), and Marion EMS Station (19848 Lowry, Marion).