American Red Cross Helping Clear Storm Debris in Osceola County’s Rose Lake Township

Many of the homeowners in Rose Lake Township have quite the mess to clean up.

Branches are covering their yards and trees are toppled onto their homes.

The community is coming together to help each other clean up all of the debris.

Homeowners here describe this damage as pure devastation.

Every neighbor that can access their driveway has been chainsawing the trees and picking up as many branches as possible.

“We helped our neighbor cut trees so they could get out and several homes had trees on top of them and just a lot of damage. We have too much work here to do and so were all just chipping in and helping out getting everything cleaned up,” homeowner Susie Heil said.

Crews are still urging you to drive safe and slow in Osceola County.

The American Red Cross is out here working to help.

If you’re interested in helping out, call (616) 899- 4511.