Severe Weather Leaves Path of Destruction Through Otsego Co.

Downed power lines, fallen trees and widespread damage were a common sight across Otsego County Tuesday.

The area near Gaylord was one of the hardest hit in Northern Michigan.

On Pine Briar Lane, just west of downtown Gaylord, it looks as if the storm passed directly through it.

One woman was hospitalized after a tree fell through her roof and hit her while she was sleeping.

“A fairly large limb had come through the roof right on top of a lady in her bed, left a large laceration all the way across her back. We extracted her from the house and got her to the hospital where I believe she went into surgery,” Otsego County EMS Deputy Chief Doug Fopma, said.

Shocking photos show a giant tree limb and debris covering that woman’s bed.

She suffered the only major injury in Otsego County as a result of this storm, she is expected to recover.

Though the damage to property, is widespread.

“My home is a complete loss, it’s just a total loss, there’s no repairing,” Donald DePew, said.

It was this giant pine tree that nearly split Donald DePew’s home in half.

“My wife and I were in bed, we heard a loud thud and the power went out and my wife booked it to this end of the house where my son’s bedroom is and not even ten seconds later the tree went right through my house,” DePew, explained.

Harrowing moments for the family who made it out okay, but hours passed as their dog Willow was trapped inside.

“That dog is my pride and joy,” DePew, added.

9&10 News was on scene as neighbors helped the DePew’s bring the pup to safety.

An emotional moment for the family who’s still trying to make sense of how they lost almost everything, in minutes.

“Looking around at all the devastation and all the damage and everything, i don’t even know where to begin,” DePew, added.