Severe Storm Damage Hits Denton Township Home

While some people are busy preparing for what’s to come in this second round of storms, others are still picking up the pieces from Monday’s storm.

High winds sent many trees toppling into homes in Northern Michigan.

One home in Denton Township got the worst of the storm damage and ended up with multiple trees ended up inside their home.

As the family woke up to dust and trees in their bedrooms, they quickly made sure everyone was okay and then assessed the damage.

Their home and the barn they’re renting is now completely destroyed and local tree services have been working all day to clean up the damages.

“At 2:30 in the morning we heard a crash and a boom and we woke up and there was our tree in our dining room and dust everywhere,” Corey Villella, house renter. “No one got hurt thankfully and I mean my mom had a roof on her but otherwise no one got hurt.”

Multiple people have stopped by to help this family and the Red Cross is providing them with a place to stay.