High School Student Creates Mural in Northport

High school sophomore Bianca Temple has been painting away on a mural in Northport since July.

It’s located on the wall of the former Stubb’s Sweetwater Grill.

She started off with a rough sketch on the wall after the property owners asked if she’d like to tackle the task.

Hesitant at first, she grabbed her paint and brushes and went to work.

A few bumps in the road including wasp and hornet nests to contend with.

Bianca says it will be very gratifying to have painted a mural like this, while also holding two jobs all summer.

“I guess I’ll just feel a little empty because then I won’t have something to do almost every week. But it will be happy to be done, not because it was like a chore to continue this, but just because it was a fun project to do in the summer,” Temple said.

So far, Bianca has logged 25 hours and used five gallons of paint.

She hopes to have the mural done this week.