Shepherd High School Mourning Loss of Student Killed in Car Crash

Students at Shepherd High School are mourning the loss of a fellow student.

While details on the crash that led to his death are limited, we know 16-year-old Evan Duffiney died in a crash early Sunday morning west of Summerton Road on East Valley.

Shepherd High School says the crash involved several students.

Evan Duffiney was a sophomore and a member of the junior varsity football team.

Players had the option to not practice or to practice. But they chose keep moving forward to honor their teammate.

Monday was the first day back to school and extra counselors were made available to students.

“When the students came nobody really knew what to expect and staff was somber as well. A lot of them knew Evan and there was a lot of sadness. We got through it but it was tough,” Steve Brimmer, superintendent, Shepherd Public Schools said.

The junior varsity football team still practicing despite losing their teammate just one day ago.

“This morning was the first time I talked to our players and our biggest thing was were going to come out to practice, they all felt that the best thing to do was come out to pay respect was to come out here. That’s what he would want us to do,” said football coach and middle school principal, Ben Brock.

Evan Duffiney was going to be a sophomore at Shepherd High School, a spot on the varsity team looking promising.

“Nothing but respectful whenever he came out here to work with us. We were looking forward to actually having him at some point actually on our varsity program, unfortunately that’s not the case,” said Brock.

Students went back to school for their first day, Brimmer describes it as somber.

“I noticed a lot of the students this morning sought each other out giving each other hugs and they need that companionship right now to get them through this tough time,” said Brimmer.

Evan’s funeral will be this Saturday at 11 a.m. on Saturday at the Charles R. Lux Family Funeral Home in Mount Pleasant. The next two football games will have fundraisers to help the family with funeral costs.

“We’re all blue jays and if one of us gets something bad happened to them, we all feel it. It’s been painful for everyone,” said Brimmer.

“Once you’re a Blue Jay, you’re a Blue Jay for life, and he will always be a Blue Jay for life,” said Brock.