Ohio Man Dies After Falling Off Frankfort Pier into Lake Michigan

“I saw the one guy grab a life ring and he ran over and threw it out in the water. As soon as I saw that, I knew something was wrong.”

A deadly day on the pier in Frankfort.

Despite a frantic rescue effort, an Ohio man died after Lake Michigan waves swept him off the pier.

It happened Saturday morning.

John Earl Jarman Jr. was walking along the pier when a wave knocked him into the water.

Someone threw him a life ring, but he slipped out of it.

A downstate man was nearby on his paddle board and grabbed the man by his jacket, dragging him back to the pier.

There a family member and police pulled Jarman out and performed CPR.

They were not able to revive him.

Ryan Gerard who help pull Jarman back to the pier wants to remind people to be careful and know the conditions anytime you’re going to in or near the water.

“Don’t go on the pier on a wavy day, don’t go in the water on a wavy day, stay on land. People don’t understand how dangerous the Great Lakes can be when there are waves and it’s windy. It’s just the type of thing that can catch you off guard really quickly,” says Third Coast Surf Shop owner, Ryan Gerard.

An autopsy will be performed on Jarman.

If you like to help his family, click here.