100 Lucky Hunters Take Home an Elk Tag as the First Hunt Begins in Northern Michigan

A crowd of 100 hopeful hunters gathered in Otsego County Monday, all of them won one of the most elusive hunting tags in all of Michigan.

Each year tens of thousands of people apply but only 200 hunters get the chance to take home an elk.

This year marks the 100th anniversary that elk were re-introduced in the state.

It’s the most sought after hunting tag in the state of Michigan, and hunters say it’s like winning the lottery, many of those winners will be coming to the woods of Northern Michigan Tuesday for the once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I was excited, I finally got one, never expected, wasn’t planning on it, just came in the mail and made my day,” Richard Argue, said.

For hunters like Richard Argue, today has been a long time coming.

“30 years, I finally got my first one,” Argue, added.

Richard has been trying to win an elk tag since President Ronald Reagan was in office, same goes for Brian Bunch.

“Since some time in the 1980s. Finally, finally, I’ve been applying for a long time, but I finally got that elk tag,” Bunch, said.

Brian is still in disbelief.

“I’m still not sure I’m actually here or not, I can’t believe that it really did happen, so I’m here and ready to go,” Bunch, added.

Others like Brock Casselman, haven’t waited as long, but know what an honor it is to take home a tag.

“I had a rush of emotion, I was really excited, because I know some people wait their whole life to get it, and I am 14 and got it. It’s a once in a lifetime deal,” Casselman, said.

And that’s why it’s is so exciting, not just for the winners but for their spouses and even their communities.

“They are all excited for us and hoping that we get one. I brought home the mail and he happened to see this big yellow envelope, and he says I can’t believe you got a tag,” Carol Sauve, said.

The first round of 100 winners will have 12 days over the next several weeks to take home an elk, the second hunt begins in mid-December.