New Michigan Sexual Assault Hotline Helps Connect Victims to Resources

The state hotline is not the only resource that survivors can lean on in Northern Michigan.

The Women’s Resource Center in Traverse City is available too.

Victims of sexual assault now have a place to turn to no matter what time of the day all they have to do is go to the phone pick it up call 1-(855)-voices4 and they are able to talk to counselors to get the help they need.

“It provides another point of access for survivors of sexual assault to tell their story and also for them to work with a trained professional to if they feel they need additional support, said Juliette Schultz, WRC Executive Director.

The Women’s Resource Center in Traverse City already serves as a resource for survivors and they receive 4,000-6,000 phone calls a year on their own hotline number, 1-800-554-4972.

“Survivors are all unique in their response to their trauma they have endured is completely individualized so it’s our goal to just be there for them when they need us,” said Schultz.

Many, like Nick Goodman, think the state wide hotline should have been introduced a long time ago.

“I’m surprised that this wasn’t something sooner. I think it’s very important that we have as many resources as possible for people who are unfortunate victims of sexual assault,” said Goodman.

The hotline provides support for friends and families too.

“It’s unfortunate that this happens at all to anybody but it affects more than just one person who’s been directly victimized. I think having resources for others is also smart,” said Goodman.