President Trump Awards Heroic Air Force Sergeant with Medal of Honor

An Air Force sergeant who died in action in Afghanistan has been awarded the Medal of Honor, for sacrificing his own life to save more than 20 American troops.

President Trump awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor to Sergeant John Chapman, which was accepted by his wife.

It’s the first time an airman has received the honor since the Vietnam War.

Chapman was killed during a rescue mission in Afghanistan 16 years ago.

Drone video shows Chapman and his special operations team charging into enemy fire.

Chapman was shot firing on a second enemy bunker.

His teammates thought he was dead and retreated without him.

But he regained consciousness and fought Al-Qaeda militants alone for an hour until he was killed.

“John Chapman was the first to charge up the mountain toward the enemy. He killed two terrorists and cleared out the first bunker… In this final act of supreme courage, John gave his life for his fellow warriors,” said President Trump honoring the sergeant.

Six other Americans were also killed but officials say Chapman’s heroic actions saved more than 20 American service members.