Farmers in Emmet County Say They’re in Desperate Need of Rain

The past three weeks have been rough on farmers in Emmet County who say they are anxiously awaiting the arrival of more rain.

Bill’s Farm Market in Petoskey says they are in desperate need of it.

The heat and lack of rain has caused many of their vegetable crops to ripen early and at a fraction of a healthy size, making nearly half the crop unsellable.

Other local farmers in the area have had to sell some of their animals because there are no pastures to feed them with.

They say they need natural rainfall to make sure crops like squash and sweet corn grow properly.

“Without the rain I’d say they are about half the size they normally are. Even sweet corn, instead of being 10 inches long, it might be eight inches long and maybe one plant out of two will have a sellable ear of sweet corn to sell,” says Bill McMaster, owner of Bill’s Farm Market.

They say despite the drought, they plan to pull through and have a good season.