Designers Want Your Help Reimagining Mitchell Corridor in Cadillac

A group of designers is reimagining Cadillac and they want the public’s help.

Michigan state university students are working with community groups to improve the mitchell street corridor.

Mitchell street, between Cass street and Boon road, is one of Wexford county’s key commercial areas.

Design students are asking locals what they like – and don’t like – about it.

They’ll use those ideas to design a new plan for the street.

They’re thinking about what Cadillac will look like in five years, or ten.

“It will never be a traverse city and we don’t want it to be a traverse city there’s no way,” said jerry deer, who’s lived in Cadillac since the 1970’s. “i think it has potential to grow.”

Michigan state university design students are asking the community how they want the Mitchell street corridor to be used – and what it should look like.

“I’m hoping that we can get some community input and be able to visualize, produce visualizations, of what people would like about the future of the corridor,” said Lisa Leedy, who works for the alliance for economic success, and is assisting the students.

At the first public brainstorming session, organizers asked the community to describe Mitchell street in one word. Then they asked them to describe it again, and what they want it to look like in the future.

Those words will help designers literally paint a picture of the future corridor.

“I’ve seen business come in, and I’ve seen some growth of the business,” said deer. “Our Cadillac has always been an industrial town, it’s always been a growth town, it has a lot of potential.”

It’s the first of a series of feedback sessions where the public is welcome to share their ideas.

“We’re hoping that each municipality will take a look at those in their area and look toward what it’s going to take to make that happen,” said Leedy.

Designer visualizations of the corridor will be done this fall. Then it’s up to local governments whether they’ll implement any of the plans.