Yoga For Beginners Part 2: The Mountain Pose

Evolve Yoga & Fitness Studio in Cadillac Demonstrates The Mountain Pose

Journeying into the realm of yoga can be done from the comfort of your living room.

Angie Lijewski, with Evolve Yoga & Fitness Studio in Cadillac, has been demonstrating beginner yoga poses for anyone who’s been interested in learning what this practice is all about.

The Mountain Pose

Part one

Stand with feet one foot apart, wiggling toes and feet to get grounded on the yoga mat.

Face the palms forward, shoulders back and down, and stand with the crown of your head tall.

Pull down with your hands, still with palms forward, and chest high.

Breathe deeply into the belly and exhale slowly.

“It looks really simple, but you’re actively engaging all the muscles here,” Lijewski says.

Part two

Inhale and raise hands to the sky, meeting above you, and gracefully swan dive into a forward fold.

Allow the head to relax and fall, looking past the legs towards the back wall.

Your hands can touch a block if you have one, or the floor.

You can even cross your arms like a genie.

Breathe deep into the belly.

You can even gently sway back and forth, shake the head no and yes.

When you’re ready to get up, place your hands back down on the floor or block and rise up.

The yoga journey will continue with Lijewski in the weeks ahead. You can view more poses here or visit Evolve Yoga & Fitness Studio’s website here.