Temperature Drops Nearly 20 Degrees in Parts of Lake Michigan

When the weather changes here in Michigan, so does water temperature.

Once this front of colder winds came around Lake Michigan’s temperature flipped in places. 

From Manistee to Benton Harbor, Lake Michigan has dropped nearly 20 degrees since last weekend and the Coast Guard want’s people to know the safety that comes with that.

“It’s been very warm, very humid, and very still and when the front came through it whipped around quickly,” says Adrian Ledesma, Coast Guard Petty Officer.

Just days ago beach goers were wading in warm Lake Michigan water.

But today, things are much chillier.

“The water conditions are shocking,” says Ed Delaney, beach goer. “Last week we were swimming in Lake Michigan and today it is ice cold, terrible and it’s really numbing.”

On the Mason County shoreline, Lake Michigan’s temperature has flipped from 73 to 54 degrees, and the Coast Guard has warnings before you hit the beach.

“We always encourage people to check the water conditions before they go out,” says Ledesma.

While a 20 degree drop in temperatures isn’t uncommon for Lake Michigan, it’s definitely something people need to be aware of.

“People need to realize the effect that cold water has on their bodies and how quickly that can turn to hypothermia,” says Ledesma.

With dangerous and even deadly consequences, the Coast Guard wants people to remember that safety comes first.

“We want to make sure boaters have the proper safety equipment as required on their boat and that is to include lifejackets, fire extinguishers, flares and more,” says Ledesma.

“Be cautious if you have a question at all of getting in the water or going on a break wall or anywhere near,” Steve Brock, Interim City Manager of Ludington. “Don’t do it because it isn’t worth the risk.”