Ferris State History Professor Doesn’t Believe Pres. Trump Will Be Impeached Based on Manafort, Cohen Charges

A history professor at Ferris State University says he doesn’t think the charges against Manafort and Cohen could lead to an impeachment.

However, he says if anything comes out directly linking the charges back to the president, that could change.

Republicans hold control in the House of Representives, so it will be hard for them to call for impeachment.

And without definite proof, it’s unlikely to see an impeachment unless Democrats take control of the house in November.

“This is still far, far, far from playing itself out and what Congress is going to do unfortunately matters a great deal who wins the next election. I can’t stress that enough you are going to have a very, very different feel if the Democrats control Congress with the impeachment issue,” says Christian Peterson, Ferris State University history professor.

Peterson adds that even if the House of Representatives decides to impeach the president, essentially charging him with a serious crime, it’s still up to the Senate to determine if those crimes are worth removing him from office.