Suttons Bay Women Celebrates Her 107th Year of Life

These days it’s rare to find someone more than 100-years-old, but a woman from Suttons Bay is about to celebrate her 107th birthday.

“I never expected to live this long it seemed like a long life to just to get to 100 and it is,” Vivian Prindl.

Ms. Prindl’s life has been nothing short of remarkable.

Born in 1911, she’s had a full life and even received a volunteer of the year award and traveled the world.

“When you start on a trip you never know what’s going to happen and I went around the world in 105 days,” says Prindl.

With a life so full of adventure, Vivian stopped by the Traverse Area District Library for a special event where the Traverse City Mayor surprised her with a key to the city.

Vivian also shared her three keys to a long life.

“To begin with, I walk because I never drove a car and I walked here and I walked there so that’s the first thing and the second thing was I never was a big eater so I was never overweight at any point and then the third thing was that I kept busy,” says Prindl.

Looking back on life with a smile all while sharing the secrets that make the twists and turns all worth-while.

Vivian left us with some final advice.

“Make friends and think about other people and have projects so that you have something to get up for you have goals,” says Prindl.