Parents Hire Fortnite Coaches For Kids Aspiring to Become E-Sports Stars

Parents shell out a lot to keep kids entertained.

You’ve heard of swimming lessons and piano lessons, but have you heard of private video game tutors?

The online video game Fortnite is played by a wide age range, from kids to grown adults, and some are paying tutors to help make their kids become the next e-sports star.

9&10 News Meteorologist Michael Stevens plays Fortnite. He says the draw for such a large age range has to do with cartoonish graphics that are less gory, not overly violent and appeal to a wide audience.

“It’s appealing in the sense that there’s many ways you don’t have to be amazingly good at video games,” he says. “You can learn, take your time and it really kind of grabs you can keeps you coming back.”

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