Habitat For Humanity Reaches Out For Volunteers

A local organization that’s dedicated to eliminating sub-standard housing and homelessness world-wide is asking for helping hands.

The Wexford Habitat for Humanity is part of an international nonprofit that’s been helping local people for 30 years, built 34 homes and logged more than 5,000 volunteer hours—and that’s just the Wexford County branch.

Katie Frier, who represents Habitat for Humanity in Wexford and Osceola Counties, says they are looking for volunteers to help them continue their mission all over Northern Michigan at the many Habitat for Humanities spread out across the state.

From joining committees to volunteering in the ReStore and helping get donations on the store floor, there are ways anyone can lend a hand.

“We have a lot of opportunities for volunteers, we will be starting a build here shortly in Osceola County hopefully by next month,” she says. “We’ll be looking for volunteers to work on the building site, provide meals, things like that. If you can’t swing a hammer you can sign up volunteers, things like that.”

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