Republican Nominee For Governor’s Running Mate Stops in Traverse City

The newly named running mate for Republican nominee for Governor Bill Schuette is making stops in Northern Michigan and the U.P. on Friday.

Lisa Posthumus Lyons is making her first official visits on the campaign, stopping through Traverse City on her way to the U.P. State Fair.

Lyons has six years of experience in the state legislature.

Along with her time as the Kent County Clerk, her community service and putting the focus on people, Lyons says she is uniquely qualified.

“I’m really looking forward to working with Bill Schuette when he’s governor to work on third grade reading, making sure all of our students are able to read so that they can be ready to learn,” said Lyons. “And really truly expanding vocational education opportunities and I know that’s a big issue up here in the north for our students.”

Lyons also says she is looking forward to working on tax relief for working families.