Catholic Abuse Scandal: Priests Used ‘Secret Archives’ as Playbook to Conceal Truth

A massive cover-up by the Catholic Church has opened investigations about the priests that were protected who were molesting children.

A ‘secret archive’ was kept aimed at keeping the abuse under wraps.

This week, a grand jury accused more than 300 Catholic priests in Pennsylvania of sexually abusing more than 1,000 children.

Documents containing allegations and admissions of abuse from the past 70 years were locked away in what the Church calls its secret archives, where only the bishop has the key.

The files contained strategies that were essentially a playbook for concealing the truth.

Encouraging the use of euphemisms like; never say ‘rape’, instead, say ‘inappropriate contact or boundary issues.’

Even if a priest is raping children, keep providing housing and living expenses.

Above all, don’t tell the police, handle it like an in-house personnel matter.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl presided over 32 of the accused priests during his 18 years at the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

According to the grand jury, Wuerl reassigned one of the accused priests to another diocese in Reno and then returned George Zirwas, a member of a pedophile ring, to ministry.

The Vatican has yet to comment on the allegations.