Ask The Expert: Mole Problem, Landscape Inspiration

If moles are ruining your lawn, getting rid of them can be a hassle.

Rent-A-Gardener‘s pride and joy, Allison Jackson, has some tips and tricks to getting a smooth lawn again, as well as suggestions for where she gets garden inspiration.


“Moles are problematic here in Northern Michigan and harpoon traps are traditionally what we recommend,” Jackson says. “Those are something you can buy locally from the big box stores, the hardware stores, things like that. They can also be ordered online. But you do set those in what we call runs of the moles and set those traps. They are traditionally very effective, and some folks might not like having to remove the dead critter, the dead mole once it’s killed the mole, but like I say it will take care of the moles right away. You do have to move the traps. A lot of times the moles will start a new run and so moving the traps is important.”

Expert Sources of Garden Inspiration 

Gardening season isn’t just during the spring and summer—as the weather gets colder, you can plan for the next outdoor upgrade.

Whether it’s a landscaping project, picking flowers for next spring, or revamping your garden, Jackson has some tips on where to find inspiration.

“Just on a personal note, I’m always looking at inspiration, there’s so much to be seen in the area,” Jackson says. “Public gardens though, are a great place to start. Many of your parks, some of the schools, colleges and things like that have amazing garden spaces. When you travel to various cities, just seeing what they’ve laid out in terms of gardens can be beautiful. But also, there are books that can be read (and) friends and family, sometimes they’ll have garden spaces. They can really help hone your skills, and then Pinterest. A lot of folks love Pinterest for garden inspiration.”

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