51st Annual Buckley Old Engine Show Brings Family Back 5 Generations

“It’s taking you back in time, the way things looked in yesteryear by the farmers,” said Julie Holzschu.

More than one thousand antique engines and tractors are on display or making divits in the dirt at the 51st Annual Buckley Old Engine Show.

“A lot of it is nostalgia, you don’t see them many places,” said Jim Luper, a committee chairman.

A tradition for the community, and also a tradition the Holzschu family holds close to their hearts.

Frank grew up watching gears turn here every year.

“When I was young, my sister and I would stay overnight with my grandmother and grandfather,” explained Holzschu.

Now he’s passing it down one generation to his kids.

“I started coming when I was just a little boy like John, and hanging out with my family on my dad’s steam engine and I just caught the bug, it’s in me,” said Martin Holzschu.

And ultimately generation five, making it indisputably a family favorite.

“Our parents and our grandparents aunts and uncle and everyone,” said Holzschu.

John has been coming since he was 4 months old.

This week at 5 years old, he traded his back seat for the front seat.

“The half scale,” John Holzschu said.

“Today he just learned how to really roll a half scale engine and pull levers on his own,” said his mom, Kristie Holzschu.

A smile takes over his face as the steam takes over sky.

“Wood smoke steam there’s a distinct smell to the steam cinder oil, we use on steam engines,” said Martin.

“If he could bottle it as a smell he’d give it to as perfume,” laughed Kristie.

“There’s a giant boiler that’s filled with water and there’s fire box inside that boiler, and the water makes steam.”

High pressure causes the cylinder to move back and forth, turning the flywheel.

“We like to see the flywheels move around, we like to see the gears move,” said Martin.

“We have made so many friends in this community, all over the state of Michigan, all over,” said Julie.

The 51st Annual Buckley Old Engine Show draws people to and back to the traditional 1900’s Front Street Replica.

The Karie Lynch Band is back in town from Nashville to perform tonight.

“I grew up just down the street in Clare, Michigan, so any time we get to come up and play shows in northern Michigan and this area I get to see a lot of family and friends I don’t get see,” said Kari Lynch.

While it’s incredibly easy to fix your eyes on the history overflowing from the engines spread out in Buckley this weekend, the most special memories are made right in front of them.

“Spending time with the whole family,” said John.

For a full list of events at the 51st Annual Buckley Old Engine Show, click here.

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