Montcalm County Woman Stuck in Peru After Crash

Two missionaries from Montcalm County survived a horrible car crash in Peru, leaving one seriously injured and stuck in the Peruvian healthcare system.

Martha Medina enjoyed taking yearly missions through her church to Mexico. This year, her and a family friend, Nathan Haynes, signed up to help in Peru. The day they landed in South America, a tire blew on the car they were riding in, sending them rolling down a hill.

“I felt the vehicle skirt and it shake and then it rolled, I felt it jerk,” says Haynes, “My back hit and my neck hit six times, it rolled and when it stopped it was upside down and I heard Martha say ‘Nathan help’.”

Nathan escaped with a small fracture in his back and several bumps and bruises, but Martha was in worse shape and now three weeks later is still in the hospital in Lima, Peru.

“Each doctor had a different opinion and it sounded like they were always guessing,” says Martha’s friend and Nathan’s mother, Lavonne Haynes.

Nathan was able to fly home with his mother on Sunday while Martha’s family rushed to Peru to be by her side. They are spending about $500 up front and out of pocket to get her the care she needs.

“They call them “recitas,” basically they are recipes and it’s a list of stuff they need,” says her son Art, “I have to take it across the street and give them the list they give me prices and I get what I get from the list.”

“They say once the money runs out, we stop,” says Nathan.

The family’s money is quickly drying up and they are now raising money for two options, keep her going until she is healthy enough to fly back commercially or pay for a medical flight back to American hospitals.

“We could do it right now if we wanted to but the thing about that is we need upwards of $65,000 to get an ambulance flight with the respirator and everything in there,” says Art.

They went to help those in need, never thinking they would be thrust into needing help themselves, or finding out how bad people really have it down there.

“You really don’t know until you are put in a position like this how good we have it here,” says Lavonne.

If you want to help the Medinas you can head to their Facebook or GoFundMe Page. Or they are also collecting donations at their church:

Greenville New Testament Church
13615 10 Mile Rd NE
Greenville, MI 48838

The family is also hosting a fundraiser on September 9 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at RJ’s Bar and Grill in Sheridan.