Cardinal Creations Inc. Invites Quilters of All Levels of Experience

A Northern Michigan business is offering a variety of classes for you to specialize in your hobby.

Cardinal Creations Inc. in Lake City has classes for everyone from beginners to experienced quilters.

“It’s great and fun to just sew with other people, and then you also learn new techniques. You learn different tricks from different people. They may have tried something that works better for them. And it’s just a great social way,” said Co-Owner Mollie Osborn.

Some are just one session while others are a series.

They also offer jewelry classes, basket making and more.

These classes offer a good way to interact and learn from others.

“I also hear a lot of people say they get a lot more done when they go to a class than if they try to do it on their own.”

To check out classes and class times, visit here.