State Grants Introduced to Help Campuses Fight Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is not an easy thing to discuss, no matter who you’re talking to.

But in recent years we’ve seen a spike in sexual assault on college campuses.

It’s a big problem Governor Snyder needs to be addressed now.

That’s why he’s setting aside money for Michigan universities to combat the problem. He’s offering grant money to make Michigan universities safer.

$1 million being given to college campuses in Michigan to help combat sexual assault these programs will help with prevention programs as well as sexual assault awareness campaigns. Grants from the governor will go toward work that encourages bystander intervention as well as education.

In the long term — the state says they want the grants to help shift the culture and stigma of sexual assault.

“You don’t talk about it even with your friends, especially your family members, anything like that,” said ferris state university student Mickaela Buresch. “[Sexual assault] is something you always need to be thinking about, making sure that you and your friends are safe.”

Women in college are three times more likely to be sexually assaulted, according to the rape, assault and incest national network.

Ferris state university student Ashton Gillett is a DJ and works campus parties during the year.

“I see a lot of questionable things,” said Gillett. “Generally, people are pretty cool about stepping in to help.”

Gillett says he does not hear about a lot of assaults at school but he knows it’s a problem on American campuses.

It’s a topic so stigmatized, but so important, that Buresch decided to devote her life to it.

“I want to be working in the E.R. with victims of domestic and sexual assaults anyways, so i feel like this is a really important topic to me, personally,” said Buresch.

The state’s campus sexual assault grant is the largest investment in the program to date. Michigan schools can apply for grants until October.