Newaygo Co. Inmate Hospitalized After 4 Hour Man Hunt, Motorcycle Crash

“They had him in custody, I had no idea it was because of an accident.”

A four hour manhunt in Newaygo County ended with a bang, and the fugitive back in the hospital.

Ian Riley Jackson Davis escaped police Tuesday morning at Gerber Memorial Hospital in Fremont, sparking a manhunt around town and the surrounding areas.

Davis was first arrested for breaking and entering, and stealing vehicles.

The Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office didn’t believe he was a threat to the public, but for the four hour search, asked people in town to lock their cars and doors.

They say Davis took the opportunity to get away from officers at the hospital after suffering seizures earlier in the morning.

“He’d gone through some tests, was resting in a bed in the hospital when he bolted, fled on foot, being pursued by sheriff’s deputy and hospital security. They chased him out of the hospital and into the neighborhood and lost sight of him at that point,” Newaygo County Sheriff Bob Mendham said.

There was no sign of Davis around town for nearly four hours, until a motorcycle hit an oil truck downtown.

Sheriff Bob Mendham said it is sometimes better to be lucky than good in police work and today they were lucky.

Dozens of officers flooded Fremont for four hours searching for Ian Riley Jackson Davis, and after a collision with a fuel truck, he’s the one that came out lucky… Lucky to be alive.

“Every police officer in the country showed up for a motorcycle accident,” Chris Rodenberger, who works nearby said.

It was a busy day in Fremont, a manhunt and a major motorcycle accident just incredible odds that they both were actually connected.

“He drove by one of the Fremont officers, who recognized him immediately, and that’s what caused him to drive so recklessly,” Sheriff Mendham said.

“We heard the brakes of the truck and we thought ‘oh my gosh, something must have happened,’ we came out the front door and we saw the man laying over there. He walked he crawled, but he was rolling on his back holding his knee,” Rodenberger said.

“Caught a little in the periphery of him coming fast and then boom!” Bob Busch, truck driver said.

Davis ran into Bob Busch’s oil truck.

He had heard about the manhunt in town and quickly realized he may have just gotten involved.

“I suspected possibly when he got up, he was limping out of the road as fast as he could and then the police were right there,” Busch said.

Davis was hurt, but alive after the crash. Police traced the motorcycle to a house just a block and a half away where they say he stole the bike from a garage and clothes from somewhere nearby. Four hours on the run and he never got more than four blocks away.

“That’s pretty crazy because not much happens in Fremont,” Rodenberger said.

“Somebody was looking out for us, and him, he could have been killed in that accident,” Mendham said.

Jackson Riley is now back at Gerber Hospital, badly beat up but alive and sheriff Mendham says he now has several officers watching over him to avoid another escape attempt.