Mackinac Island Escape: Fort Mackinac, Nick the Geese-Chasing Pup

Part of the beauty of Mackinac Island is feeling like you’re going back in time.

There’s plenty of opportunity for history lessons that are hands on, including learning how to fire a colonial era cannon.

The winner of 9&10 News’ Mackinac Island Escape giveaway will have the chance to tour lots of interesting places.

Visiting Fort Mackinac is just one of the must-dos for visitors to the Island.

And it’s also where the cannons are.  

Or if you want to meet a dog growing in popularity, head to Mission Point Resort.

Mackinac Island is a great place to bring a dog, and there are plenty of dog-friendly hotels and patios.

Mission Point Resort is one of them—but its Border Collie named Nick isn’t there for vacation.

He’s there to work.

Nick chases away the geese that can plague the lawn. Pat Driscoll, Nick’s caretaker, says he has made a huge difference in visitor’s experience at the resort.

“We adopted him for the gees issue we were having, it was major,” she says. “You couldn’t even walk out here. Now you can see the kids playing in the bare feet and I don’t cringe anymore because it’s so clean.”

But you could say Nick has another job.

“I call him kind of a therapy dog because the guests come and kind of miss their dogs at home,” Driscoll says. “They come and pet Nick and love him. He loves to be loved, and also a lot of people take a piece of Nick home with them. We have Nick plush toys, and so even the adults like the toys as much as the kids do.”


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