Veteran Who Served in Three Wars Celebrates 90th Birthday in Lake City


Many people in Northern Michigan are celebrating their birthdays in this weekend, but few of their birthdays are as special as Clint Corpe’s.

That’s because Corpe turned 90 Saturday after serving his country in three wars half a century ago.

Corpe served in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Saturday, the Lake City community held a birthday party for Corpe.

This isn’t the first time Lake City’s honored the three-war veteran.

Back in 2016, he was given an honorary high school diploma at Lake City High School.

When we talked to Corpe Saturday, he was quick to thank the men and women who fought alongside him for their service.

“If you’re a World War II veteran, you’re old and I’m proud of you,” said Corpe. “If you’re a Korean War veteran, you’re old and I’m proud of you. If you’re a Vietnam veteran, you’re getting old, but not yet…”

More than 200 people were expected to come out for Corpe’s birthday.