Money Raised for Veterans Charities at Hog Heaven for Heroes


“Well, I woke up in the middle of the night with a dream, and it just blossomed from there.”

It started as a dream, but it’s now become reality, helping to raise money for charity.

Saturday, people are going hog wild at an event to raise money for veterans organizations.

People at Saturday’s “Hog Heaven for Heroes” event at Hopewell Ranch in Weidman are being treated to everything from a roast pork dinner to live music — and even a live auction.

The money raised is going to two veterans organizations that support veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder: Project Solomon and Reboot Combat Recovery.

About three years ago we pulled together a group of veterans to create an advisory board so we could expand our programming to help veterans struggling with PTSD,” said Jodi Stuber, executive director of Hopewell Ranch. “We’re really excited to have this great event here today.”

Some of the items donated for the auction include an autographed Detroit Red Wings photo, and even an American flag donated by Congressman John Moolenaar that flew over the U.S. Capitol Building.