Kids Support Clean Water With 1st Kids’ Swim For Grand Traverse Bay

Children and adults are flocking to the water in Traverse City to raise money to help protect the Grand Traverse Bay.

Friday marked the first Kids’ Swim for Grand Traverse Bay.

About a dozen kids took part, swimming from West Bay Beach to the volleyball beach—a distance of about a half mile.

The kids were all given support paddlers while a sheriff’s office boat trailed behind to make sure everyone was staying safe.

Saturday is the adults’ turn, the third annual Swim for Grand Traverse.

It’s a 2-mile, point-to-point open water swim event with the goal of raising $25,000 to keep the bay fresh and clean, says Shelli DiFranco, The Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay.

“Clean, healthy water is what our area is based on having it for recreation for economic access, so for us to be here, to protect it and keep it clean and healthy and drinkable and swimmable, is what we’re all about,” DiFranco says.

So far they’ve raised $19,000—and our very own Reporter Lauren Scafidi will be swimming Saturday.

See how she did Monday on ‘the four.’

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