William Minore Back in Grand Traverse Co. Court for Taser Charges; Receives $100 Fine

The man once accused of robbing three Northern Michigan banks and then found guilty of taser charges will not spend any more time in jail.

William Minore was back in the Grand Traverse County courtroom Friday for what could be the last time.

Last month, a jury found Minore guilty of illegally having tasers.

Before that, he was originally accused of robbing three banks in Northern Michigan and was facing federal charges, but those charges were dropped back in April.

However during the bank robbery investigation, police found two tasers in Minore’s van, and he was arrested for that.

“What happened was he had two tasers in the back pouch of his van sitting there he did not display them, he did not point them at anybody, he had possession of them,” Judge Power said.

William Minore saying in court again that he made a mistake when he bought two tasers in Florida for his daughters, and brought them back to Michigan.

“He made a mistake your honor, he thought that the two tasers that he bought for his daughters in Florida were legal in Michigan, unfortunately they were not,” says Minore’s attorney, Bill Burdette.

Minore also says any other 71-year-old man with no prior record would have been given some kind of plea deal, but a jury still found him guilty.

“The defendant was held in custody in Leelanau County on a different matter with a Grand Traverse County hold, so he gets credit for it’s listed as 597 days,” Power said.

Judge Power sentenced him to time served, no probation just a $100 fine.

“He served 597 days obviously you wouldn’t get even a fraction of that is that a lot,” Power said.

“I’m being punished for another crime that all the charges were dropped from. A federal judge that dismal seems to be ignored in this case and this is a malicious prosecution to try and punish me for the other case that was dismissed and apparently the federal judge’s opinion doesn’t mean anything,” Minore said.

When we asked Minore how he felt about this coming to an end…

“Hopefully it’s over but, who knows,” he said.

The bank robbery charges were dropped without prejudice, which means they could be re-filed in the future.