William Minore Awaits Sentencing for Having Tasers

A man is due back in court for sentencing Friday.

He was found of guilty of having tasers and he was originally accused of robbing three banks right here in Northern Michigan.

Police say they found the tasers in William Minore’s van while investigating the bank robberies.

Minore was facing federal charges of robbing two banks in Benzie County in 2015 and one in Leelanau County in 2016.

But in April, the federal charges were dropped.

Shortly after, he was arrested in Grand Traverse County for illegally having tasers.

Last month a jury deliberated for less than 15 minutes before finding Minore guilty.

Minore said he bought the tasers at a flea market in Florida to protect his two daughters who were moving there.

He says he didn’t know he needed a special permit to have them in Michigan.

Minore is expected to be sentenced Friday.

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