MTM On The Road Explores Grand Traverse Bay with Michigan Freediving

Starting this September a new freediving course is opening in conjunction with Scuba North in Traverse City. Freediving is essentially snorkeling with an emphasis on bottom time. There’s minimal equipment and the class focuses on ultimate relaxation and safety. This specific class will be taught by an experienced diver coming from England. Take to the water with Sarah Grimmer and Photojournalist Stephanie Adkins as they give us a preview of what you can experience yourself in West Grand Traverse Bay.

Michigan Freediving is a RAID Level One Freediving Course, suitable for beginner through intermediate freedivers.

Classes will run Sept. 6-10 and will include classroom, pool and open water sessions held in Traverse City.

For more information contact Chris Morey – 231-357-7701 or Fondue Set on Facebook

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