Mason County Will Re-Vote on Millage in November After Error on Primary Ballot

As voters across Northern Michigan prepare for the general election in November — those in Mason County will see a familiar item on their ballot.

During Tuesday’s primary, Mason County voted on a millage renewal for the Oak View Care Facility in Ludington. The renewal passed with 69 percent of the vote.

But now, those voters will have to vote for it again in November due to a language error on the primary ballot.

The problem comes down to dollars and cents. Literally. Mason County administrators used the word “cents” instead of “dollars” on the ballot for the renewal.

“It makes a big difference the cents and dollars,” said Susan Razminas, the director of finances for Oak View.

The ballot voters saw during the primary said the millage would cost 0.9715 cents per $1000 of taxable value. It was supposed to say dollars.

Fabian Knizacky is a Mason County administrator and says he put the wrong word on the final ballot.

“As soon as I realized I made an error, I made it public,” said Knizacky. “I’m working to try to correct that error

The millage passed the first time around, but because of the language error it’s going back to voters in November.

“We’re counting on that so we don’t have to cut any of those services out,” said Razminas. “The millage is one-seventh of our operational budget and that helps with facility maintenance.”

Oak view medical care facility is a nonprofit skilled nursing facility in Ludington.

They say they rely on the county’s financial support and cannot think about what would happen without that millage.

“We wouldn’t have as many staff, which would eventually affect the care we give to the residents, the care we provide and the upkeep of the facility,” said Razminas.

They’re asking for voter support – again – in November.

“We were very disappointed that there was a mistake but mistakes happen,” said Razminas. “We have a great community that supports we’ve always had no problem supporting this millage.”