Michigan State Police, Witnesses Explain Emmet Co. Deadly Crash

In Emmet County a 9-year-old boy was killed, and his mother hospitalized after they were hit while walking their bikes.

The driver involved was not arrested, but could still face charges.

It was right around 7:45 Wednesday night when the mother and son were walking their bikes down a road. They were hit from behind. Witnesses say they saw the driver speed away up a hill before coming back to the scene.

“Two people hit on bikes by a vehicle, vehicle took off. This is going to be a mother and a son,” police scanner said.

“It sound like something just broke on her car, when we saw her come to a halt up here, she screeched and slammed on her brakes so we figured maybe something broke on her car,” said Scott Kibble.

Scott Kibbe and Nicholas Fettig were eating dinner across the street when they heard a loud crash.

“We were just sitting on the deck eating dinner and we heard a loud bang, she tore off coming up the hill there, she came to a screech, like a screeching halt, we saw her get out, trying to get rid of obviously something and got back in her car, came down turned around and went back to the scene,” Fettig said.

At the scene now, orange paint outlines broken bike parts and tire marks that stretch far down the road.

“They were walking along on the paved portion of the shoulder on the side of the roadway. They were on the same side of the road traveling in the same direction,” Derrick Carroll, MSP Gaylord Post said

Police say they found items at the scene that make them believe alcohol and drugs played a factor in the crash.

“Interview of the suspect some items found on the scene and some other things uncovered during the course of the investigation. We are currently investigating that and if there is enough evidence to be brought forward then the driver will be facing charges,” Carroll said.

We talked to some other people who live in this area who say the mother and son were going for a ride after eating dinner at a relative’s house.

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