Cadillac Culver’s Donating 25 Percent of Sales to High School Student Injured in Crash

Alleigha Holly was seriously hurt in a crash with a concrete truck in Wexford County.

She’s being treated at a hospital in Grand Rapids.

She played softball at Cadillac High School and Thursday her teammates are raising money for her and her family.

The Cadillac softball team is truly pitching in for Alleigha.

They’re fundraising at Culver’s where Alleigha was working up until her accident.

Thursday until 9 p.m. 25 percent of sales will go towards her hospital treatment.

The team is serving customers and collecting money in a tip jar.

They’re also getting a quarter of every order.

Her teammates say Alleigha is a great part of the community and they want to show her that the community is behind her.

“Show support for softball, we call it softball strong. Our family supports Alleigha’s family. They’ve been traveling back and forth and staying down there and support from the community has been incredible. Prayers for her and she’s improving each day,” softball coach Dan Dahlquist said.

We want to support Alleigha’s family because we all grew up with her. She’s a big name around Cadillac and we all love her. We see somebody in need, somebody that gotten hurt so our community is coming together and helping her,” teammate Maggie Staub said.

The team will be there until 9 p.m. raising money.

If you can’t make it, there’s also a GoFundMe page you can donate to.

Normally Culvers only donates 10 percent of orders to fundraisers, but Cadillac Culver’s is giving 25 percent to show their support for one of their own.