Ask The Expert: Rent-A-Gardener’s Advice on Lawn Care

Grass is a beautiful thing, and if you water your lawn to help keep it beautiful—you might be doing it wrong.

Rent-A-Gardener’s Allison Jackson could talk about gardening all day, and she has more tips for your outdoor spaces.

Watering the lawn—too little and it’s not doing a lot, but too much and you’ve got a recipe for fungal issues.

“A regular lawn should receive about an inch of water a week,” Jackson says. “If it’s very sandy soil, which means the water will drain more quickly, you might want to water every other day. If it’s very saturated and you end up with standing water after you’ve watered your turf, you might want to water just every three days.”

And if you’re wondering when the best time to water is, Jackson says first thing in the morning.

“I recommend watering first thing in the morning,” she says. “Right before daybreak is perfect. If you were to water let’s just say in the evening, let that water sit on the turf all night long, that again could cause some diseases and fungal issues.”

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